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October Client of the Month!

October's Client of the Month is Temperance a 4-year old Calico with an attitude to match her name exactly! She's a fiesty thing, with a no-nonsense demeanor which is one reason why she was chosen to be A Bone Sweet Bone's October Client of the Month! Congratulations to Temperance's parents whom without their loyalty, and…
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Sept. Client of the Month

Congratulations to Sheldon who is ┬áis a four-year old chocolate cocker spaniel, he is our Client of the Month! Sheldon has the sweetest demeanor and tall hitch in his giddy-up! He's our Client of the Month because he LOVES to go for walks and ALWAYS has a smile on his face which is infectious in…
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Homemade Treats

Homemade No-Flea Treat Prevention These treats contain Brewer's Yeast, a natural flea repellent that is also good for your dog too. Hint--they LOVE brewer's yeast as well so it's a Win-Win! I admit I also use veterinary flea preventatives but I also supplement with brewer's yeast as a special treat. Apparently it is emitted through…
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Client of the Month

Daisy & Chance"Daisy & Chance"
Daisy and Chance are a couple of "Fetchaholics!" They have a tennis ball addiction that causes them to radiate sheer JOY when playing Fetch! One can't help but smile when tossing the ball and watch them eagerly try to beat each other to see who will get "the prized possession" first. Rain or shine, hot or not these two are always ready to play fetch! They are the sweetest two creatures that I've seen that have made me realize that it's the "simple things" in life that mean the most! We should take time out from the hectic hustle and bustle of reality and let ourselves get lost in a simple game of fetch every now and then to reflect on what's really important is each other! Thanks Daisy & Chance and thank you to your Masters for letting me get to meet you so that you could teach me what I knew deep inside but lost in the hustle and bustle of life until you had me play fetch with both of you!

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