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At A Bone Sweet Bone in Wichita, Kansas, I provide your furry friends with the essential exercise and daily activities that keep them happy with my dog walking service and One-On-One Playtime. I help deliver that tender loving care that only a family member can while you are away from home. Some of the exercise services I offer are as follows:


Whether you're out of town or busy at work, I am happy to do the dog walking for you. This is a high energy brisk paced walk that ranges from $40 a walk with walk duration lasting 25-30 minutes total. Great to get those furry friends out and about not only for relief purposes but also to burn off that excess energy from being cooped up inside while you are away. This will do the trick. Great exercise for all canines. No matter what activity level. I pace the walk to the dogs pace. So even senior dogs get the activity they need for healthy bones and joints.


My process begins with a complimentary meet-and-greet where I come and meet you and your furry friend. This allows both of you to get acquainted with me and see if both of you like me or not before retaining me for services. At this time we discuss the services you need and I develop a customized a plan and pricing just for you. I also have owners fill out necessary paperwork for legal purposes giving me the right to enter your home and care for your furry friends. I offer additional discounts for multiple and weekly visits just to name a couple of my discounts check out the FAQs page for more in depth answers to the varied discounts available.

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My average for standard visits is from 20 to 30 minutes, with the walking portion of the visit being between 10-15 minutes if your dog is accustomed to being walked. After the walk, I will play with your pup for the duration of the visit. I make sure that your furry loved one has fresh water not topped off and provide a treat if permissible. This service ranges $40 before any discounts.


I can play ONE-ON-ONE with your pup to burn off excess energy and wear him or her out more after our standard visit or energetic walk or extend our walk an additional 30 minutes. This is great for high energy dogs or puppies with energy to burn! This visit is $20 for an additional 30 minutes.


Since I have a nursing background you can rest assured your furry friend is in caring hands and will have his/her medication taken on time in the appropriate dosage per your instructions when you are away. The fee for this service is an additional $20 per dosage.


This is A Bone Sweet Bone's rendition of a furry friend's slumber party. Beginning at 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. I will come into your home and spend the night with your furry friend/friends. We will play, play, play, and I will give them either gluten-free, wheat-free, homemade T-R-E-A-T-S or your treats if they are on specific dietary restrictions, if they are leash trained and used to going for walks I will also walk them when necessary, otherwise follow whatever routine or schedule they are accustomed to. To help reduce and eliminate separation anxiety I encourage clients to leave an article or two of unlaundered clothing behind near their kennel or crate or somewhere near where they sleep so they can smell your scent while you are away. This helps them to feel a great deal more comforted and they are not so anxious. It also helps reduce the possibilities of destructive behavior. Breakfast will also be served in the overnight stay so an extra fee of an additional morning visit is NOT necessary! The fee for this service is $112 per night.


This service is available if assistance is needed to transport your furry friend to and from the veterinarian, groomer, boarding facility, etc.  The cost for this fee is based per mile with the first 5 miles being complimentary and a charge of .60 cents per mile after the 5th mile. The charge for this service starts at $25 one-way.


This service is self-explanatory. If key, or garage remote control is NOT received at introductory Meet-n-Greet meeting there is a $25 cash fee for key, garage remote control pick-up. Likewise, if key or garage remote control is NOT retained by A Bone Sweet Bone for future visits/pet care there is also a $25 cash fee for pick-up/return. This service is NOT eligible for ANY discounts.


This visit is based upon each individuals needs, frequency, and amount of furry critters cared for per visit. This price is discussed in the complimentary Meet n' Greet introductory meeting. It is too complicated to assess over the telephone and must be assessed in person to give a more precise, fair and attainable price quote.